07:11 am ·· Jan 07 2009


Bad paneling + bad perspective = not a good combination .___. [I tried "OTL]

I hope you guys don't get confused in following the text D8
[If you do it's the top four first, right to left, then the one at the bottom]

I'm updating so much faster now haha <3
Watch out for the next pages! I promise not to update once a month anymore :d
[I will probably redo the prologue too]

04:50 am ·· Sep 21 2019


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Hello! The shoutbox used to be here but I had to remove it because the service I used doesn't do it anymore. At the moment I'm trying to find something suitable to put in this space here.

Please note: Somnium is currently on ~hiatus~ and will not get a lot of updates in the coming months.

Here is my blog to those who are interested in following my art:

Also I updated the gallery with a couple more giftart! Please take a look at them if you can and visit the artists' profiles :)

Lastly, thank you for reading Somnium! This recently reached 1000 faves and I'm very much grateful for the support! It makes me very happy to see that this is well-received, even though it's not really much ^^; Again, thank you!

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Yori Hayashi Chan
07:29 am ·· Jan 07 2009
Awww, she's like me. Ahaha. Err. Well, at least I can relate to what she's saying. :) and I personally really like your paneling! :)

07:33 am ·· Jan 07 2009
XD And a lot of people too ~
Really? ;~; That's a relief

06:00 pm ·· Jan 07 2009
Haha, that's what most writes and artists wish for.
Your style is really cute, I especially like your toning.

11:51 pm ·· Aug 10 2009
I wish for that to, can you imagine how awesome the world would be if we could do magic or if mystical creatures really existed? Geez, I sound like a total geek:). I love the art in the panel, and I really relate to your character.

10:44 am ·· Oct 07 2009
I'm scared. 00
She's just like meeeee!!!! I write fantasy stories, I am an artist, and I used to carry a notebook and sketchbook with me everywhere so I could doodle my thoughts and sketches into them. Plus I'm always bored. Do you know me? Ha ha! XD

11:12 am ·· Dec 14 2009
= . = .... I hve dreamed too of another world///and what the...- A - if I wouldn't readed this man... comic I think i would make a character like this too... whatever=.= I like her!~ .~ I like the comic. I like the art! 5/5

07:41 pm ·· Jun 08 2010
story of my life right there O__O

Wishful thinking destroyed by the reality I wish to destroy >__>

If i believe hard enough something wll happen, but human's fail >__>

02:48 pm ·· Oct 21 2010
I totally relate with this chick

09:22 pm ·· Jan 14 2011
I can totally relate to Catherine. Name and everything...

'cept mine's more Katherine, but whatever.

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