10:32 am ·· Jan 19 2012


And so Chapter 3 is finished! (And we still really haven't gotten very far... LOL... man this thing's pacing is snailspeed)

Anyways sorry for disappearing so suddenly :( I meant to finish this chapter last year too... o well

Also you might've noticed the shoutbox is gone!
ShoutMix (what I used) decided to close all its free accounts in favor of only providing service for paid accounts now so off my shoutbox goes. Well, no matter! I thought it was kinda redundant anyway ._. (and was mostly there for visual balance in my layout ha ha ha;;;;)

So if you'd like to say something, you can still comment :) I know some of my readers who aren't SJ members prefer the shoutbox but you don't have to be a member to comment!

Uh also we reached 1000 fans a couple of weeks ago O_O isn't that amazing?!

I will be putting this comic on hiatus for... the rest of the year or so. It will still be updated every once in a while, but not very often.

Sorry for the sudden notice "OTL I will be very busy with a long-term project this year and my final year of high school (gotta get the best score for uni :x!). Hope you'll understand u_u

I mean, like I said, I'll drop by and update a few times :D

In the meantime, if you'd like to follow my art / know what this long-term project is or whatnot, here's my blog:

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Hello! The shoutbox used to be here but I had to remove it because the service I used doesn't do it anymore. At the moment I'm trying to find something suitable to put in this space here.

Please note: Somnium is currently on ~hiatus~ and will not get a lot of updates in the coming months.

Here is my blog to those who are interested in following my art:

Also I updated the gallery with a couple more giftart! Please take a look at them if you can and visit the artists' profiles :)

Lastly, thank you for reading Somnium! This recently reached 1000 faves and I'm very much grateful for the support! It makes me very happy to see that this is well-received, even though it's not really much ^^; Again, thank you!

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10:57 am ·· Jan 19 2012
I love how spunky she is. XDD

As for your snailpace, it's fine.
Your pace seems to be okay since you got 1000 fans, right? :3

anyway... yeah. Awesome updates. :3

Happy New year to you too? XD

11:03 am ·· Jan 19 2012
@kuroi_hitsuji: Hahahaha I guess that's true ;U; I must be doing something right LOL

A late happy new year to you too ^^!

artificer urza
05:22 pm ·· Jan 19 2012
Everything? A bold claim. I'm thinking that world will have more in store for her than she knows.

04:31 pm ·· Jan 20 2012
Get him, girl !! >=]

11:25 am ·· Jan 21 2012
@artificer urza: Fufufu, oh, she has no idea...

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