10:18 am ·· Dec 22 2011

‘‘Doesn't matter. Either way, it involves magic, ha.’’

3/3 of today's update.

My biggest fear: people not understanding what is going on ;-; I hope I did alright trying to draw what I wanted to get across Dx Even though it's really choppy "orz I need to work on my storytelling;;; (I guess you can ask if you're confused? ;__; I'm really conscious and worried about this part aslkdjsldlfkgjdf)

Also I'll have to postpone my ~special event~ thing that I said I'd do around Christmas until some other month or so :[ Something unexpected came up u_u

@ the previous 2 pages: those are actual story notes from my book teehee :3c

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Hello! The shoutbox used to be here but I had to remove it because the service I used doesn't do it anymore. At the moment I'm trying to find something suitable to put in this space here.

Please note: Somnium is currently on ~hiatus~ and will not get a lot of updates in the coming months.

Here is my blog to those who are interested in following my art:

Also I updated the gallery with a couple more giftart! Please take a look at them if you can and visit the artists' profiles :)

Lastly, thank you for reading Somnium! This recently reached 1000 faves and I'm very much grateful for the support! It makes me very happy to see that this is well-received, even though it's not really much ^^; Again, thank you!

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Chapter 3 - Page 27

01:12 pm ·· Dec 22 2011
he wrote it and therefore it came true...

Omg funny coincidence, this page has the second panel align the mouth with the menu's image. XDD

"is this just a coincidence...no...it's too exact...too perfect..." XDD

08:24 pm ·· Dec 22 2011
@kuroi_hitsuji: "...this page has the second panel align the mouth with the menu's image..."
-> Lol wut?? X)

artificer urza
09:39 am ·· Dec 23 2011
Born of dreams, walking in the waking world, they are harbingers of nightmares... Or something like that, right?

09:43 am ·· Dec 23 2011
@artificer urza: Hahaha that sounds very sinister

artificer urza
09:45 am ·· Dec 23 2011
@Mizumi: Just because they are the harbingers of nightmares, doesn't mean they are the cause. Do they bring nightmares with them or do nightmares follow wherever they go? Intent is important too. =P

10:54 am ·· Jan 19 2012
@FireBorg: IT DOES. Well for me. When I scroll it up to the max, the image in that second panel has the hair on the background image. XD

This one?

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