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Random things you probably don't need to know about but it's here anyway!

about: vana
Age: 17

Nationality: Filipino

Location: Australia

Hobbies: Drawing + all sorts of other arty stuff, not sleeping, daydreaming, gaming (casually), hoarding pictures

Likes: Things victorian/rococo/baroque/gothic/lolita, costuming, books, potatoes
Thoughts about Somnium:
Basically, Somnium was a story I thought of way back when I was in grade 7. I guess when I was young I thought it was a pretty amazing story! It wasn't long before I then started drawing characters and other art for it, and finally, pages. Well, in hindsight, I probably should have developed it more and given it more though since it wasn't very good at all. Even then, though, I haven't stopped this long-term project of mine or restarted it. I suppose I'd like to see this through to the end.

Maybe as the backbone/draft for the real thing.

about: somnium
Light fantasy

Web manga

Update schedule:
Almost weekly, or whenever school allows

Once upon a time there was a girl call-- Wait, no?

Catherine is bored.
Very bored of her surroundings the people around her. As a writer that specializes in fantasy, she of course comes with that dream of something life-changing happening. Something magical. The call for adventure.

Is boredom really all that pushes her to want something like this though?

One night, accompanied by floating lights (fireflies?), a creepy guy called Alexius appears and tells her that he's been watching her. A stalker?!

Somewhere on Earth


misc: thank you
Thanks to ~

• My bestfriend, Isabella for giving me the idea for Page 13 -- Catherine will soon be a violent girl under your guidance hahaha!

Kelsey for helping with all my asthma questions -- I promise I'm never gonna mention the word asthma again lol

Rach, for helping me find mistakes with her god-like eyes! Haha I would've died in frustration if you weren't there to tell me wtf was wrong with my drawings

Toya, for helping me with the somewhat disturbing phrase in page 2 of Tainted drops LOL

Hazel, for... your unnending support? IDK I JUST LOVE YOU AND YOUR COMMENTS

Beans, my slave bro, for all the Somnium discussions. I get to think about things in the story that I might've missed :'D You're pretty much my information bank... dump... thing.


Jade, for... all the fanart ROFL;; goddamn, woman D< stop spoiling me!

ShadowLight, for all the good times chatting and drawing each other comments. I love youuuuu ; 3;

• And of course, you -- for reading and supporting Somnium! I wouldn't have gotten past page 5 if it weren't for all the readers supporting and putting up with me. Thank you!

• ** Oh yeah, and Falconer for the super amazing archive script!
misc: faq
Q: Did you draw that?
Yes, I did, lol

Q: What do you use to make your pages?
Paint Tool SAI for the lineart and basic shading work, then Photoshop for adding in the tones, dialogues and other necessary polishing at the end. Instead of a mouse, the tablet I use is Genius G-Pen 560 (but despite it being cheap, if you plan to take drawing seriously, I recommend buying something from Wacom instead)!

Q: Where do you get your screentones?
I got most of them from here: http://psychobob.xepher.net/screentonez/

Q: How do you add screentones? Can you make a tutorial?
That's been something that I've been planning to do for a while (more like a year), but I just don't have the time for it right now. I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials out there :) Generally it's just:
1) Fill a new layer with the pattern / tone using the paint bucket
2) Set the layer mode to Multiply
3) Erase what is unwanted

Q: Will Somnium ever be printed?
Mostly likely not. This is just a practice comic for me so even though I take it seriously, I don't really mean to do anything with it. Also, the pages are made in that exact same size that you see -- not exactly printing quality.

Q: How / When did you come up with Somnium?
I got this idea back in grade 7... quite a while ago. I'm not sure how though (at the time I was doing another comic... I guess I just got really bored). The original is very different from what it is now!

Q: What program did you use to make this website?
Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I only use the coding window though because I have no idea how to use anything else :(