[Jan202012] Chapter 3 finished! + Hiatus

Chapter 3 is finally finished! Yay!
Not-so-fun fact: I completed Chapter 3 in half the time it usually takes to complete a chapter. Yep.

Also we've reached 1000 fans on here! I'm still in disbelief because it's such a big number that I never thought I'd reach but here it is. Here's a thank-you (kind of) pic that I drew to celebrate the occassion: [ click ]

Anyway on to the main topic of this news post:
I will be putting Somnium on hiatus for a while. A very long while. Most likely for the rest of the year. I will be occupied with a... rather important long-term project, so much so that I'll probably need to cut some of the stuff that I do :( + plus many other reasons

It sucks but I can't really say that Somnium is going strong anyway. My art has been really sloppy as of late. I guess I need this break to get my act together and something (and then be awesome when I come back ohohoho).

I will probably update every now and then but it won't be anything much.

... And yeah, that's that. If you'd like to continue following my art / whatever I get up to, here's my blog:

other places I'm at --> [ click ]

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Oh god what.

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